Internet connectivity and services

safaricom kenyaSafaricom has established itself as the provider of choice for enterprise communication solutions. By offering a complete portfolio of services tailored to meet divergent communication needs of today’s Corporate Kenya, Safaricom is the “one stop shop” of integrated business communication services (voice and data). We are able to offer connectivity in all major urban centers in Kenya using our extensive countrywide network. Based on a thorough customer needs assessment, our experienced solutions architects recommend the most suitable design based on fibre, WiMAX, microwave, 3G or satellite.

It is also important to note that Safaricom has an allocation of 20.4 GB (20%) in the TEAMS (The East African Marine System) submarine cable and 622MB in the SEACOM project now live. With the commissioning of SEACOM and TEAMS to follow, Safaricom is poised to offer unparalleled services to corporate customers and backed by a team of highly dedicated support staff exclusively set apart to serve business customers.


What does this mean for our customers?

Each Customer on Safaricom service will enjoy dedicated bandwidth, allowing the following:


Voice service

High quality voice calls with seamless integration with client VoIP infrastructure.



The ABSOLUTE FASTEST internet service, with unmatched upstream / downstream capacity. Customers will experience the “thousands MB’s” by plugging to Safaricom Network.

Fiber will provide future-proof versatility:

  • Private Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint secure network connections for geographically disperse businesses.


Able to offer video services such as High Definition, Video On Demand, and regular television service, unmatched by ANY other media.



Safaricom Limited has huge bandwidth engagement with both Seacom and TEAMS undersea cable providing ‘hot swap’ failover for resilience.


Converged Platform

Safaricom customers will experience converged service delivery on a single medium i.e

    • Voice services
    • Mobile Banking services
    • Internet services
    • Branch connectivity.

Point to Point Connectivity

Further to the above we design affordable and reliable inter-branch connectivity known as Poin to Point connectivity.



We also design and implement Virtual Private Network (VPN) connecting your branches in the region and beyond.


Contact us on to discuss your connectivity need


Al-eman brings together expert teams 'just in time' to deliver solutions for our clients. Each team is tailored to respond to the particular challenges involved. Teams comprise members of our ever-growing community of professional consultants.

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