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Al-eman has successfully undertaken a tremendous amount of challenging work with excellent results. The common thread to our approach is encapsulated in three principles:

Holistic: examining all elements of a problem before determining the scope of a solution; and

Balance: getting the right balance of analysis and action - not diving in but also avoiding "paralysis by analysis"; and

Listening: our approach is characterised by really listening to our clients' needs and jointly formulating appropriate, tailored solutions rather than pushing 'one size fits all' products.

In this Capability section you will find some examples of our methods and practical case studies of how their application has brought benefit to our clients

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Our Difference

What does 'just in time' solutions delivery mean?How do we differ from our competitors? And why does that result in a better service? Read on to find out.

Your Benefits

Our solutions delivery model not only allows Al-eman to build teams from the cream of the IT consultancy workforce but also confers huge benefits on you, our present and future clients. Find out how you will profit from our service philosophy.

Just in time - how it works

Discover the state-of-the-art technology that allows our consultants to keep in touch with each other all over the world and helps to bring real value to our clients.

Al-eman brings together expert teams 'just in time' to deliver solutions for our clients. Each team is tailored to respond to the particular challenges involved. Teams comprise members of our ever-growing community of professional consultants.

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